About Us

Mr.limited is mainly an online LimitedEdition store, which you can simply find limited edition, unique, or special edition products in our shop.

It was a long journey, I always had a passion for limited edition and unique items, at an early age I started by collecting little by little few pieces of limited edition products everywhere I went and could find one. It was my own way of thinking and living.. long story short, I didn’t want to see other people have the same clothes or accessories as I did. Later because of having a large collection of limited edition products I was being called constantly Mr.Limited among my friends. Soon people were trying to buy them from me; in most cases even would have paid more than the original price of the item. At that point something changed in my mind.. I simply felt the challenge for the limited editions items not only among my friends but also between people, specially ladies. The more limited or unique the item was, the more demand I have received on it.

Currently Mr.Limited is a place where you can find your Limited edition items.. I am glad to say we are not only selling stuff here, instead we are buying your limited edition items, also we are glad to share unique and positive news on our magazine to give you the daily energy dose every limited lifestyle person needs.


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